Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My place (in my dreams).

So just for something different, one of the reasons that I started this blog is because I’m renovating my home. I know, no one’s ever done that before! Anyway... I moved out of my place for the new bathroom construction ... into my parents place. They were away, but then they came home. After a few weeks together, tonight I have my solitude again ... taking over my late grandfather’s house. It’s kinda weird to be here, but nice in a way too.

Seeing as I’m in the middle of renovating I have a pile of inspiration pics from printed magazines, other blogs, online designer portfolios, and of course online mags – with the ubiquitous Lonny shots. Like I’ve said, I suffer from having too many options and the constant fear of going with something that is going to look tragic in a month’s time or worse ... right from the start! Ugh! The pressure.

So in a bid to minimise regret, and to be realistic about the bones of my home, I’ve decided that I need to go with a simple, classic, layered look. So I’m taking my inspiration from Laura Day's home as shown in the Lonny April/May 2010 issue cover story. I like that it's elegant, and that it's a little fun as well. Who wants to live in a museum? Not me, but I also need to start accumulating beautiful pieces to build upon. This inspiration could set me on the right path.

Things I love about this room:

  • The fucking insane sideboard – two of my faves (not overdone metallic, black zig zag)
  • The neutral layered colour
  • The metallic cocktail tables – the organic shapes, the colour, the low shine, the treatment of a functional piece of furniture as sculpture, the fact that they’re “cocktail tables” and not boring “coffee tables”
  • The multiple light sources – mostly the chandelier, not too olde world but still glass/crystal, not to modern and cold
  • The James Nares artwork – always liked his work, and here they are perfect injections of colour
  • The non-white walls that are just a perfect shade

The whole home is lovely, and I want one of those Kartell stools too - but of course I can't decide which colour.

I want to live here. Simple as that.

(All images via Lonny.)

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  1. I too love love that chandelier and the artwork. Stylish, cool, and inviting place--great inspiration!