Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good deal.

If you’re considering a purchase from Witchery may I suggest that you pick up a copy of the September marie claire magazine beforehand. Their 15th birthday ‘collector’s edition’ has a Witchery ‘boarding pass’ inserted that on redemption will save you between $20 to $1000 on a purchase of $40 or more.

Personally I don’t need a reason to buy a mag, but if you do feel the need to justify it, this magazine will actually save you money. The Witchery offer is valid until September 30.

I haven’t spent much time on this issue yet myself, but I can say that I generally do not feel dumber after reading marie claire, which is something I have felt after other guilty pleasures.

Monday, August 30, 2010

A good day.

A good day is when I go to my letterbox and there’s a shelter magazine in there and no bills. On the weekend I had just such a day – yay! The Oct/Nov issue of Belle was waiting for me and the cover looked great, and it’s the Australian Issue.

I’ve only had the one flick through so far and it looks pretty good, it feels like there’s some good stuff in there to spend more time on ... but one article that really stood out to me was ‘Smoke & Mirrors’. It was covering an apartment in Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, that I had seen back in March on realestate.com(.au). I was looking for inspiration for my own place at the time so was looking at listings of other one bedders in trendy inner city locations hoping to find some solutions that may work for me. I loved this apartment so much that I saved all the images into a slide show (sad I know!). So imagine my surprise to them find the exact same photos in a leading shelter mag!

You know I was starting to think, “what do I have to offer to anybody who stumbles across this blog?” I’m not the most knowledgeable design expert or the most entertaining writer – but I know what I like and am a visual person. I think that this post sums up my profile blurb perfectly. I’m delivering what I intended to.

The key to this apartment is a mirror box in the middle that houses the kitchen, wardrobe, storage and laundry. This is what divides the space, with only the bathroom treated as a closed space. The decorating is fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but what really made an impression on me was the total solution that the mirror box provided for the space. It was such a glamorous choice because let’s face it, so much of our homes are devoted to what we need to get done and sometimes that can overtake the asthetic, but not here. That’s what I love.


All the images to this point are ones that appeared in Belle, these are other images from realestate.com(.au) that didn’t appear in the mag. There was also a few other images in Belle that weren’t used to hawk the place.

The thing that intrigues me is the series of events. According to Belle the owner is an architect who has lived there for six years, but there wasn’t any renovating of the space of done – just decoration and some repairs to the mirrors of the box. So I don’t see the need for professional photography to add to his professional portfolio. So did Belle shoot the home and the owner then used the pics to sell? Or did he call in a photographer friend to capture his home in the best light to sell and then Belle happened upon the pics? Having sold the apartment, they wouldn’t have access to the place decorated as it was. I hope that it’s the latter, that Belle just wanted so much to share this place with its readers and not that their pics were used ahead of publishing for real estate sales.

One of the big drawcards to this apartment is the private courtyard which is huge. I’ve since seen another apartment in this block, which also has a mirror box but the decoration and no outdoor space leaves it lacking in comparison. But it is still for sale, and based on what can be done with the space I recommend checking it out – it’s really not hard to find!

All images by Sharrin Rees and via realestate.com.au

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

TV ratings.

A show that is actually on TV at the moment is Parenthood. I’ve quite liked the first two episodes, it’s a nice ensemble cast, but I have to admit I like it because of the movie. I like to compare and contrast the TV characters with their movie counterparts. Looking at last night's ratings though it's a little disappointing to see that it's struggling.

We used to have the movie on video tape when I was younger and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it. There are so many storylines going on and it’s entertaining on a number of levels, I saw it again just recently and I remembered everything but seeing it again different things made more sense to me now.

via media.avclub.com
Universal via blogs.chron.com
I have always watched a shed load of TV and movies, from when I was much younger until now. I don’t actually think it’s a bad thing for a child to spend a lot of time watching TV – the key is what they’re watching. Sure I also watched absolute crap, but some of my shows that I watched for entertainment were actually educational. I remember multiple flashbacks to SeaQuest DSV during senior Biology. But what I remember learning from Parenthood is what an amalgam is.
via zuguide.com

Another good head of hair.

I know that it’s not a recent pic or anything, but I also like the hair styling here on Christina Hendricks. That side swept front section softens the look and I think makes it wearable & versatile for those of us in the boring old real world.

Getty image via ninemsn
It doesn’t hurt that I’m a Mad Men fan, have been ages – not just a recent convert. This show for me harks back to modern greats like West Wing, The Sopranos and Six Feet Under. Lovely hour long shows with incredible production value. Big Love is another that I’m partial to that just sits there quietly going about its business.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Perfectly primped.

Exciting news, I am back online at home - hence two posts in one day (opps it's after midnight so not the same day!). And somehow I managed to find my way onto a new site called Primped that has loads of great hair & beauty images. At first I was just looking for hair inspiration because I’m due for a cut (OK, overdue for a cut) ... but then as I browsed the images I had to put together a post on this.

Because it’s an Australian site there are more Aussie beauties and fashion shows than you’d find on other sites, which I must admit I quite like. Great commentary on the pics, and I quickly realised trhat they play favourites – one of which is January Jones. Being a Mad Men fan I’m OK with that.
Inspiration for my next visit to the hairdresser, both the balayage and cut...

I’m going through a middle part stage, I get a little stick about this from a colleague who thinks that women should avoid the centre part, but based on these pics I think that I’m onto something...

Special occasion hair – the Jennifer Love Hewitt look is the most likely for me...

Just generally hair styling that I like...

Then there’s the make-up looks that I thought were worth bookmarking.

I never knew that pink shadow makes green eyes pop, but as K Stew proves it does.

All images via primped.com.au.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend grooming.

I still don't have my home internet connection issues sorted, fingers crossed that I'll tick that box during my lunch break today. The weekend was a quiet one so I thought I'd take the opportunity to road test a nail bar that I hadn't tried before, and I treated myself with the mani-pedi double. They use mostly OPI polish which is a tick from my point of view, but then there was also a little cross because they didn't have my signature shade or my preferred back up. I had to try a new shade from what there was on offer - I went with The Thrill of Brazil. It's a little more orange with the red, it's OK for a change but my signature shade is in no danger of being replaced.

Is it wrong/insulting to take your own polish to a nail place? I was overall happy with the job but I prefer my signature shade for obvious reasons and the fact that I can do my own touch-ups if required. And I've got a chip on one fingernail and it's only day 2.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Elevated IKEA.

I am not an IKEA snob. It definitely has it’s place and life is easier now we have IKEA. But there are times when you don’t always want your home to scream IKEA, which is where personalising IKEA purchases makes such a difference. A great example of this is over at Aubrey & Lindsays (which I found via A Life More Fabulous). They have done a great job customising a chest of drawers into a piece that really looks smick. They've listed full instructions and I highly recommend visiting their blog, I think this great work deserves extra traffic. Definitely something that I may pull out at a later date.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Magazine habit.

I know that my magazine habit may be considered by some (OK many) to be a problem. I once calculated the cover price value of my collection and I suddenly realised why I couldn’t afford the beautiful things that the magazines showed. I also face storage problems for my collection, but I treat magazines like books – other people don’t throw away their books do they?! So why would I chuck out my beautiful, glossy magazines. My subscriptions change quite a bit, I can’t resist a special offer I admit. Many titles have come and gone and come back into my subscription list, but at the moment the usual suspects are: - Belle - Vogue Living - Inside Out - Real Living - Marie Claire I don’t actually think that is very many subscriptions to have. I mean sure, I also buy other magazines ad hoc because I am so easily seduced by the cover credits – but that’s normal. And I’d like to point out that many titles I subscribe to only publish bi-monthly. I don’t generally keep weekly gossip mags, if it’s held together by staples then it’s not for me to collect – I need to draw the line somewhere. Although I must say that Grazia is the leader of the weekly mags because it doesn’t feel like I’m getting stupider just be reading it. Yes NW is fun but it’s like fast food, you enjoy it at the time and then it makes you regret it.

Anyway I opened and read the latest Inside Out (Sept/Oct) magazine on the weekend and I wasn’t blown away. It seems that Vogue Living has been getting that honour lately. While I enjoyed reading IO there wasn’t a real WOW story for me that I kept my finger in while I kept reading so that I could go back to it and pour myself over the images for a little longer. The cover image looks a little icy and I’m afraid that was my reception to the issue as well.

Friday, August 6, 2010


I'm lacking an internet connection at home at the moment, hence flurry of posts and then nothing. Work is really tight at the moment so I haven't even had a chance to put together a post here. I must investigate a new ISP...