Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Magazine habit.

I know that my magazine habit may be considered by some (OK many) to be a problem. I once calculated the cover price value of my collection and I suddenly realised why I couldn’t afford the beautiful things that the magazines showed. I also face storage problems for my collection, but I treat magazines like books – other people don’t throw away their books do they?! So why would I chuck out my beautiful, glossy magazines. My subscriptions change quite a bit, I can’t resist a special offer I admit. Many titles have come and gone and come back into my subscription list, but at the moment the usual suspects are: - Belle - Vogue Living - Inside Out - Real Living - Marie Claire I don’t actually think that is very many subscriptions to have. I mean sure, I also buy other magazines ad hoc because I am so easily seduced by the cover credits – but that’s normal. And I’d like to point out that many titles I subscribe to only publish bi-monthly. I don’t generally keep weekly gossip mags, if it’s held together by staples then it’s not for me to collect – I need to draw the line somewhere. Although I must say that Grazia is the leader of the weekly mags because it doesn’t feel like I’m getting stupider just be reading it. Yes NW is fun but it’s like fast food, you enjoy it at the time and then it makes you regret it.

Anyway I opened and read the latest Inside Out (Sept/Oct) magazine on the weekend and I wasn’t blown away. It seems that Vogue Living has been getting that honour lately. While I enjoyed reading IO there wasn’t a real WOW story for me that I kept my finger in while I kept reading so that I could go back to it and pour myself over the images for a little longer. The cover image looks a little icy and I’m afraid that was my reception to the issue as well.

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