Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend grooming.

I still don't have my home internet connection issues sorted, fingers crossed that I'll tick that box during my lunch break today. The weekend was a quiet one so I thought I'd take the opportunity to road test a nail bar that I hadn't tried before, and I treated myself with the mani-pedi double. They use mostly OPI polish which is a tick from my point of view, but then there was also a little cross because they didn't have my signature shade or my preferred back up. I had to try a new shade from what there was on offer - I went with The Thrill of Brazil. It's a little more orange with the red, it's OK for a change but my signature shade is in no danger of being replaced.

Is it wrong/insulting to take your own polish to a nail place? I was overall happy with the job but I prefer my signature shade for obvious reasons and the fact that I can do my own touch-ups if required. And I've got a chip on one fingernail and it's only day 2.

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