Monday, August 30, 2010

A good day.

A good day is when I go to my letterbox and there’s a shelter magazine in there and no bills. On the weekend I had just such a day – yay! The Oct/Nov issue of Belle was waiting for me and the cover looked great, and it’s the Australian Issue.

I’ve only had the one flick through so far and it looks pretty good, it feels like there’s some good stuff in there to spend more time on ... but one article that really stood out to me was ‘Smoke & Mirrors’. It was covering an apartment in Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, that I had seen back in March on I was looking for inspiration for my own place at the time so was looking at listings of other one bedders in trendy inner city locations hoping to find some solutions that may work for me. I loved this apartment so much that I saved all the images into a slide show (sad I know!). So imagine my surprise to them find the exact same photos in a leading shelter mag!

You know I was starting to think, “what do I have to offer to anybody who stumbles across this blog?” I’m not the most knowledgeable design expert or the most entertaining writer – but I know what I like and am a visual person. I think that this post sums up my profile blurb perfectly. I’m delivering what I intended to.

The key to this apartment is a mirror box in the middle that houses the kitchen, wardrobe, storage and laundry. This is what divides the space, with only the bathroom treated as a closed space. The decorating is fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but what really made an impression on me was the total solution that the mirror box provided for the space. It was such a glamorous choice because let’s face it, so much of our homes are devoted to what we need to get done and sometimes that can overtake the asthetic, but not here. That’s what I love.


All the images to this point are ones that appeared in Belle, these are other images from that didn’t appear in the mag. There was also a few other images in Belle that weren’t used to hawk the place.

The thing that intrigues me is the series of events. According to Belle the owner is an architect who has lived there for six years, but there wasn’t any renovating of the space of done – just decoration and some repairs to the mirrors of the box. So I don’t see the need for professional photography to add to his professional portfolio. So did Belle shoot the home and the owner then used the pics to sell? Or did he call in a photographer friend to capture his home in the best light to sell and then Belle happened upon the pics? Having sold the apartment, they wouldn’t have access to the place decorated as it was. I hope that it’s the latter, that Belle just wanted so much to share this place with its readers and not that their pics were used ahead of publishing for real estate sales.

One of the big drawcards to this apartment is the private courtyard which is huge. I’ve since seen another apartment in this block, which also has a mirror box but the decoration and no outdoor space leaves it lacking in comparison. But it is still for sale, and based on what can be done with the space I recommend checking it out – it’s really not hard to find!

All images by Sharrin Rees and via

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