Monday, October 11, 2010

Banana cake bliss.

Hey there, I know that it’s more than a little while in between posts. I wish I could say it was because I off having a fantastic holiday somewhere, but unfortunately it was just that life got in the way.

I want to share this delightful banana monkey cake with you that I came across on smitten kitten via goop.

I’m by no means a domestic goddess, but I obviously think that presentation is just as important as the core of the thing when you’re trying to show someone that you care. This a perfect example. I also think that a store bought cheesecake can be made more special by sprinkling broken up chocolate Flake on top (especially the Snow Flake white chocolate variety) – it shows that just because you were time poor, it doesn’t mean that you don’t care.

For example, a colleague of fine has been unwell, so I sent some décor magazines over to her, but I made sure that I put them in a cute linen wrapped box. I wrapped ribbon in a great matching colour around the box a few times and finished with a perfect bow. The box was just from IKEA, but it’s a nice sturdy one that she can use to keep details of her upcoming renovation in. Just that little bit extra is what showed that I was really think of her and wishing her well, not that I just bought her some mags while I was picking up my own newspaper.

That’s what this cake is to me. Sure if I were to bake it I’d just do my regular banana cake recipe, but by taking it just that little step further like smitten kitten has shown me, it would really make someone’s day.

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