Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fresh decorno.

Again, I know it’s been a long time between drinks. But I’m the closest I have been to signing off on my kitchen. Which for me is big news, HUGE. The cabinetmakers are locked in, and we’re just deciding on the final height of drawers and that kind of thing. It’s very exciting, but nerve racking too because these are things that you can’t easily change and any mistakes I’ll just have to live with.

So seeing as there is still no kitchen I’m still not living back in my place. On my way home tonight I just got it in my head that there would be something good waiting for me in the letterbox at home. Even though I hadn’t seen any on the racks, I just had a feeling that my new Belle magazine would be waiting for me. I was right ... fresh decorno.
Decorno is decor porn. It’s not my term, but the name of a favourite blog of mine that is now semi-closed.
At this stage I can’t find a cover pic online, but it’s the holiday issue and I hope to find a few treats to add to my Christmas list!
I’ve only a had a quick flick because I’m also watching ‘Rush’ as I write this post and look at the pretty Belle pictures. Of course the cover by-line on David Hicks’ new Melbourne home had me flipping ahead. So far I’ve only looked at the pictures, but there’s more than one Platner and Saarinen table in there.

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